Our Athletes

Becky Leetch

AGE 44

WHEN DID YOU BEGIN CROSSFIT – About 3 years ago (Sept 2012)

FAVORITE WOD – Anything that involves deadlifts and/or strongman stuff

WHAT WOD SUCKS – Anything that involves a bazillion wallballs, burpees, or pullups

WHY DID YOU START – I initially started CrossFit to get stronger for Outrigger.

WHAT CHANGES HAVE YOU ENCOUNTERED MENTALLY – Everyday is a mental challenge. Three years ago I didn’t think of mental challenges. It was just “come to crossfit and have fun”. Now that I’m more focused on my fitness goals, I have to push myself. If a coach says to move X weight, Y distance in Z time or there is a penalty… by golly, you do it, because the penalty will be worse than XYZ.

WHAT CHANGES HAVE YOU SEEN PHYSICALLY – I’ve gone through spectrum of changes, physically. At first, I dropped a ton of weigh. Then I became stronger. I then became leaner through proper diet (new “skinny” clothes… yay!!). But after I got lean, I got thick (new “skinny” clothes no longer fit… boo!!)

WHY CFNB – For me, the question isn’t “why CFNB”, but more rather “why did I stay with CFNB”. One of my favorite coaches left CFNB and eventually started his own gym. This was a turning point for me and I seriously pondered with going to the other gym, or staying at CFNB. The ultimate decision as to why I stayed with CFNB is because of the relationships that I had built with both the members and the coaching staff. I now have new favorite coaches, even though it took me a bit to warm up to them, and for them to learn how I need to be pushed. I seriously love this place and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. The coaches have done a fantastic job in creating a great community where everyone truly cares about one another… or at least they fake it really well for the 1 hour class.

TWO GOALS FOR THE YEAR – My 2 goals for the year are to get a muscle-up and to get a free-standing handstand. I am much closer to the free-standing handstand than I am to getting the muscle-up… maybe the muscle-up was too big of a goal. Getting a muscle-up with be a goal for me every year until I get it.

Stella Cardenas

AGE: 33

WHEN DID YOU BEGIN CROSSFIT? I began Crossfit on June 2010

FAVORITE WOD, anything with barbell! Specially cleans, dead by barbell I would say is one of my favorites.

WHAT WOD SUCKS Any WOD that has a lot of running or a lot of pull ups... I do not like it very much

WHY DID YOU START? I started because on December 2009 I had a surgery to loose weight but I knew I need it more that just that, I need it to change my life style and when a friend from work introduced me to CrossFit I knew I have found what I was looking for! Not only CrossFit helped me physically but also mentally.

WHAT CHANGES HAVE YOU ENCOUNTERED MENTALLY Mentally the biggest change is probably the fact that I push myself more, not only when I'm working out but on my everyday tasks. I think the Crossfit culture teaches you that and helps you find that within in you.

WHAT CHANGES HAVE YOU SEEN PHYSICALLY Physically when I started Crossfit I was around 210lb and I have reach 160lb but more than the scale I love the way my body looks now. I think I look healthy, strong, and lean and that to me is a lot more important that what the scale shows.


When I started in CFNB I was hoping to loose weight that was really all I was thinking back then. I remember my first WOD at No Boundaries was at the beach it was awesome but brutal! Doing bear crawls on the sand is not fun! Haha!! After that coach Richard reach out to me and helped me commit to a program that has changed my life! For that I would always be grateful to the No Boundaries family.

WHY CFNB? I think coach Richard has a lot to do with my decision to stay at CFNB, he really makes you feel you matter, he cares for you and is looking for ways to help you improve everyday. He makes me feel like family, and same goes for coach Jeremy. Coach Jeremy started with CFNB after I was there but just like Richard he right away took an interest on knowing what I like, what I need it help with and is always willing to listen and help any way he can not just on the Crossfit stuff but on anything that might be going on in your life.

TWO GOALS FOR THE YEAR My two goals for the year would be to loose some weight ( I gained some since I got a schedule change at work and it has been challenging) and to get better at pull ups. I need to be more consistent with them so I don't loose them!

Max Seraj

AGE - So old

WHEN DID YOU BEGIN CROSSFIT - I can't remember. 3 years ago, 4 years ago? Forever?

FAVORITE WOD - Anything with heavier barbells or strongman movements.

WHAT WOD SUCKS - 5k run...1 mile run...anything above a 200 meter run. Which is ironic, since I used to do long distance triathlons.

WHY DID YOU START - I used to train and race in long distance triathlons, Ironman and half iron distance races, but then I had kids and didn't have the time to put into training. I wanted to keep in shape and my wife didn't want me to look like a refuge anymore (more to the point, she kept pointing out how strong looking my firemen friends looked). So I thought I'd give CrossFit a try.

WHAT CHANGES HAVE YOU ENCOUNTERED MENTALLY - Really not sure how to answer this one. I have however realized that, often, my biggest barriers aren't physical, but mental and if I can get my head right, I can finish whatever terribleness you guys throw at me.

WHAT CHANGES HAVE YOU SEEN PHYSICALLY - I'm firmly on team Dad Bod. My arms say "Suns out guns out" and my traps terrify my children, but my gut says "are you going to finish that ice cream cone?" The gut is has nothing to do with the gym, I just really like ice cream and beer and pizza and burger and burritos...did I mention ice cream. I shudder to think what my gut would look out if I didn't go to No Boundaries. Oh and my quads don't fit my hipster skinny jeans or slacks very well.

WHAT WERE YOU HOPING FOR IN CFNB- HOW DID YOU START? I was really just hoping to have my wife stop looking at all the firemen. I should have just dropped my firemen friends. I started by just coming in and checking it out. I tried a couple workouts, got my butt handed to me by some of the ladies in the gym (incidentally, not much has changed).

WHY CFNB - Several reasons. CFNB has incredible coaches and programming. I love the powerlifting and strongman, which is not something you find at many gyms. There's no weird in group out group dynamic at the gym. Everybody is super welcoming. No Boundaries is my second family. I come to the gym, work out hardish and laugh a lot, mostly at my own expense.

TWO GOALS FOR THE YEAR- Let's work on that dad bod gut and add a few more muscle ups to my glorious 5 total...gotta keep Collie on his toes.