Get Started

Ninety Percent Of Life Is Just Showing Up!

An individual (or group) that wishes to become fit or active needs to believe in showing up, whether you’re just starting, or have been at it for years. Once you’re at the gym, it’s now our goal to train you and show you the effort that you need to develop yourself.

What we do here is difficult and will remain difficult, day after day. That being said, you should never feel intimidated when entering the gym, don’t hesitate to chat with a trainer or our members, introduce yourself and have a good time.

Crossfit Is For Anyone, Regardless Of Their Age Or Fitness Level.

Our process for all new individuals is pretty much the same, regardless of your current level of fitness we ask that each person go through our free intro and baseline workout, whether if it’s in a 1-On-1 with a coach or in a group class.

The intro session includes some guided instruction on basic movements and a short CrossFit workout around what you’ve learned; and a further explanation about our take on fitness and training. We know that trying a new class or gym can be intimidating, so we’ve built our intro sessions to allow anyone to jump right in, regardless of the shape they’re in.