Workout of the Day

You're Invited


At CrossFit No Boundaries, we send out the invitation to partake every day. This invitation goes out to our current students as they are invited to train, to develop themselves, to learn and enjoy the process among their community. This invitation goes out to friends of the gym as they are daily invited to partake in the conversation, to make the next step by working with a coach and following a program, to learn from our process. This invitation goes out to strangers near and far, as they are invited to observe and learn, to engage in whatever way they can, to read and watch and think.

The key distinction here is that the signals we put out daily are those of invitation. Not obligation, not pressure, not request, but invitation.

This distinction exists precisely because we believe so strongly in what we do. When you invite a friend over to a dinner party, you do so because you believe they would enjoy sharing a meal and conversation with you and your company, and because their presence would make the party better.

Just like I’m throwing a killer dinner party, I want to get the invite out there to as many motivated individuals as possible. Why would it be any other way? No one benefits from keeping this a secret.

The invitation is out there daily. We’d love to have you join and spread the word!

- PS


  • AMRAP 5

    • 5 SB S2O (AHAP)

    • 50’ SB front carry (AHAP)

  • Rest 2 mins

  • AMRAP 5

    • 5 burpee to bar (6” reach)

    • 10 WB (20/14)

  • Rest 2 mins

  • AMRAP 5

    • 100m run

    • 10 push-ups