Workout of the Day

You're A Better Singer In The Car


Why is it that you enjoy belting out your favorite songs in the shower or in the car, but you’re terrified to sing the same song in front of a group of peers or strangers? The answer, of course, is safety. In the safe confines of the shower or your car, it doesn’t matter if how your voice sounds. Standing among a crowd (or even just a friend or two), you feel the pressure. Suddenly, your performance feels like it matters. Irony of all ironies, the reservation and insecurity you feel in such a situation probably makes you a far worse singer than when you’re willing to just go for it in the safety of your car.

While stereotypical gym culture of keeping to yourself, judging side-eyes, and unspoken hierarchies may make you think otherwise, I want to tell you that CrossFit No Boundaries is a space where it is 100% safe to fail. Not only is failure accepted and welcomed, it is expected. Failing is as integral to the process as succeeding. This is a space and a culture where you are encouraged to try and fail the same as you would sing without restraint in the safety of your car.

Don’t hold back!

- PS


  • 5 minutes to establish max unbroken double-unders


  • 4 rounds, 1 min at each station for max reps/cals:

    • Ring dips

    • Overhead squats (75/55)

    • DUs

    • RKBS (53/35)

  • 1 min rest