Workout of the Day

Your Lowest Hanging Fruit


You can’t clean a dish with a dirty sponge. At best, your already dirty dish gets marginally cleaner, but is still left with streaks of gunk or grime. At worst, you just smear the grime around, and maybe even make the whole situation messier than it was to start with.

While perhaps not so noticeable as the above example, you’re likely going through life with your own version of a dirty sponge, nullifying your efforts in one way or another. If you attend GPP classes four days/week, for example, but you only ever eat highly processed, nutrient-poor, calorie-rich foods, your efforts towards fitness (your dish washing) is being heavily limited by your dietary choices. Will you get fitter? Probably. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you missed out on 60% of your results. Whether it’s diet, sleep, mindset, planning, or whatever else, I’m willing to bet everyone has a juicy piece of low hanging fruit which, if addressed, will make their efforts in other avenues immensely more productive.

Stop wasting your efforts by ignoring the elephant in the room!

- PS


  • AMRAP 30:

    • 5 HSPU

    • 10 box jumps (24”/20”)

    • 20 step-ups (24”/20”)

    • Plank for the same amount of time it took you to complete the round of HSPU + BJ + step-ups