Workout of the Day

Your Fault


There’s no such thing as a life hack, but if there ever was, it would be this: own every problem, mistake, error, and failure like it’s your fault. I don’t care if it is or isn’t your fault, and you shouldn’t either.

A fixed mindset pushes people to instinctually react by deflecting blame. Responsibility is uncomfortable, and the common reaction is to get as far away from that discomfort as possible. But the moment you deflect responsibility to something other than yourself, you kill any opportunity to find a solution.

“My shins hurt when I run because this new pair of shoes sucks” guarantees that you’ll never turn your energies towards understanding and correcting your poor movement patterns. Are the shoes contributing to the problem? Could be. Is that conclusion going to bring you any closer to a lasting solution? Absolutely not.

“I’m late because I ran into traffic” guarantees you’ll never take a hard look at your time management skills and planning. Did you sit in traffic? Sure. Is that at all relevant to your preparation for the inevitability of traffic in the future? Absolutely not.

Failure is part of the game, and any worthy peer knows and understands that. The moment we can all agree that we don’t really care who or what is at fault, but we are all interested in taking personal responsibility for the outcome is the moment we start directing our energies towards solutions rather than living by our fears and dodging the discomforts of failure.

- PS


  • Squat clean - 1,1,1,1,1


  • AMRAP 3

    • Barbell row (AHAP)

  • Rest 1 min

  • AMRAP 3

    • Weighted hip thrusts (AHAP)

  • Rest 1 min

  • AMRAP 3

    • Barbell RDL (AHAP)