Workout of the Day

You’ll Need To Ditch Those Training Wheels Eventually


Perhaps the most difficult part of learning is the expectations that come with it. When you’re taught how to ride a bicycle, you’re expected to eventually ride a bicycle without training wheels or someone to hold you upright. When you’re taught a moral framework, you’re expected to operate by those morals. When you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, you’re expected to follow through on what you learned.

The problem is, expectations are scary. Think of being told that the next step in riding a bike is to do it without training wheels. Think of the first time you realized there was no one behind you holding onto the bicycle seat to keep you upright. Because these expectations are scary, sometimes people avoid learning all-together, or, worse yet, create and indulge some form of false learning that releases them from the expectations and responsibilities they may otherwise face.

Are you avoiding your own growth and education to avoid the expectations and responsibility that inevitably come with it? Are you seeking false stories that teach you about why you don’t need to take responsibility or live to a higher standard?

- PS


  • For time:

    • 1 mile run

    • 3 mins rest

    • 200 double-unders

    • 3 mins rest

    • 1 mile run