Workout of the Day

You Must Be This Fit To Enter


You might think it was a bit odd if an orthodontist turned away a patient because their teeth weren’t straight enough when they walked in the door for the first time. After all, if we were to simplify the job of an orthodontist, we would probably call them a “teeth straightener” by trade. That implies that teeth start out less straight, and end up more straight.

As much as you may nod your head in agreement that it would be a silly world indeed where orthodontists turned away people with crooked teeth, you or someone you know may have committed the same fault of logic when it comes to fitness. I’ve heard it said a hundred times from a hundred different people that “I’m just not fit enough to do CrossFit” or “oh, I have to get a little fitter before I work out there.” Let’s just say that if I were an orthodontist, I would be wondering if the world was playing a big trick on me.

Let me say that I get it. It can look scary from the outside. But I wouldn’t be doing what I do if everyone who walked through these doors was already fit.

Just because you see people walking out of the orthodontist with perfectly straight teeth doesn’t mean they walked in that way.

- PS


  • Deadlift - 10,10,10


  • 10 min EMOM:

    • Even: 12 KBS (AHAP)

    • Odd: 12 goblet cossack squats (6/leg)