Workout of the Day

You Knew It Wouldn't Be Easy


Let me be crystal clear: it is not and will not be easy (anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar). And if you’re willing to have the honest conversation with yourself, you probably already knew that.

The “it” in this case can be whatever worthwhile change or endeavor you want to plug in that is relevant to your life -- parenting, education, athletics. Of course, to keep it close to home, improving your health and fitness is an easy go-to.

So you knew it wouldn’t be easy, and when you made the decision to start, you made the implicit (or explicit) agreement that the “not easy” was as much a part of the process as the easy, or the natural, or whatever else. You signed up for the whole thing, not just the easy parts.

And so when life gets hard and things are, unequivocally, not easy, how do you behave? What conversations do you have? What actions do you take?

The easy response to the resistance you face when things inevitably get hard is to let off the gas. I’ve seen it a thousand times.

But let’s be honest -- that’s not honoring what we know to be true. Of course it will get hard. Of course there will be roadblocks and challenges. That’s when it’s more important than ever to lean in and keep moving forward. Believe that you can!

- PS


  • 500m row time trial


  • With a partner:

  • In 12 minutes, with your partner, complete as many reps as possible of:

    • Bench press (135/75)

    • Every 2 minutes, complete a 150m run together

    • *only one person benching at a time