Workout of the Day

You Have My Permission


You have my permission to fail.
By no means do you need my permission, but now you have it. At times, I think our interest in and prioritization of performance can be mistaken for an interest in and prioritization of specific “here and now” outcomes. Performance, though, is not a yes/no outcome-based label. It is not a matter of “yes, performance has been met” or “no, performance has not been met.” This thinking wraps up ego and identity in individual success or failures (I hesitate even to call them successes or failures, as those words carry with them quite a bit of baggage). In this framework, a failure is a reflection of identity, ability, status. It’s not a part of the process, it’s the end of the process, and it wraps everything up and calls it quits.

This is not the framework we operate from, and it’s not the one we want you viewing your efforts through, either. Performance, as we see it, is a direction and a process. And failure is very much a part of it. In fact, I would argue that failure is an absolutely essential part of it. The acceptance of and willingness to fail brings us to places of growth that we may otherwise avoid out of fear.

Next time you fail, don’t worry whether it’s “okay” or not that you failed. Instead, consider what value you can derive from a failure to ultimately help your growth. That is what it’s about, after all!

- PS


  • Single-arm DB bench press - 3x8/arm

  • DB reverse lunge - 3x8/leg

  • Every 3 mins for 15 mins

    • 250m row