Workout of the Day

You Could Sleep In A Mattress Store, But...


In theory, you could spend the night in a mattress store just as your would in a hotel room. A mattress store would have all of the amenities that you need for a good night’s sleep: plenty of comfortable beds, pillows, night stands, probably some sheets and duvets, and a bathroom and sink to brush your teeth. Perhaps there’s no complimentary continental breakfast at the mattress store, but as far as basic comforts go, it’s not that far off from what a hotel offers. And yet, you won’t find mattress stores renting out beds to folks in town for the weekend. This probably all sounds absurd, and that’s because it is: a mattress store’s function is to sell mattresses, and a hotel’s function is to provide temporary housing. Hotels would put themselves into a tricky pickle if they started selling off mattresses and were left with nowhere for their patrons to sleep, and mattress stores would have a hard time making sales if they had to shoo sleepy guests out of bed every time they wanted to show a mattress to a potential buyer.

We are frequently asked why we don’t allow people to use our gym and our equipment to do their own training apart from our offered programs, and the answer is that this is not our mission or function. Rather, it is our mission and function to offer goal-oriented athletic programs, high-level coaching, and growth-minded community. Our best expression is not a large room with an assortment of equipment that people can use freely, because large commercial gyms can do that far better than we can. And, on the flip side, we can execute coaching and build community far better than a large commercial gym can. We are in the business of digging deep into our best expression, and doing anything differently would only detract from what we do best.

You could sleep in a mattress store, but that wouldn’t be a very good mattress store.

- PS


  • Weighted strict pull-ups - 5,5,5


  • 5 rounds:

  • In 60s, complete:

    • 10 DB thrusters (50/35)

    • Max cal row

  • Rest 90s