Workout of the Day

You Control The Market


At its absolute simplest, the market is an ongoing exchange between buyers and sellers, and when one side presents a stronger presence than the other, prices change. In a very similar sense, your body’s health, composition, and performance capacity is determined by an ongoing exchange between input (nutrition, rest, stillness) and output (exercise, stress, effort); and when one side presents a stronger presence than the other, your body changes, for better or for worse.

The challenge with the market is that the two sides tend to work in opposition. Buyers want to buy low, sellers want to sell high, and as a system built on tension, it ultimately concludes in a compromise. On top of this, you, as either a buyer or seller, only have a say in one side of the equation. In the end, it is a game of betting.

While your body does operate based on an exchange much like the market, there is one primary difference: you command both the input and output -- you have control over the market. This is an investor’s dream, and you get to live it out every day.

Don’t get it twisted, changing your body can be difficult; just because you steer the course does not make it easy; but it is not complex. You are simultaneously the buyer and the seller, and you get to pick which direction you’re headed.

- PS


  • Every 2 mins for 30 mins:

    • 1) 50m sandbag front carry (AHAP)

    • 2) Max unbroken strict pull-ups

    • 3) Max unbroken strict press (105/80)