Workout of the Day

You Can't Keep Doing What You're Doing


Let me start by stating the obvious: you can’t make change by not changing anything. The phrase may sound redundant (it is), but its message is a bit more nuanced, and escapes many people who have the best of intentions.

For example: if you come to me and say that you would like my help to lose weight, get better at running, and establish regular exercise habits, but you follow those "wants" with the conditions that your work schedule keeps you so busy that you can rarely make time to train, you don’t have the time or energy to make a big change to your diet right now, and you’re not willing to give up your ________ (insert just about anything here), what you’re really saying is that you want change, but you’re not willing to change for it.

Bad news: change ain’t free.

Consider efforts to make change -- fitness-related or otherwise -- like an equation. On one side is your goals or “wants.” On the other is your habits, how you spend your time and energy. To make change on one side (lose weight), you must make change on the other side (stop going out to eat 5 days/week). While such reductionist thinking may not always be helpful, it can at least put things into perspective.

Non-negotiables are fine, but when all you can present is a list of non-negotiables, you’re really just setting up the chessboard with all of the pieces already in checkmate.

- PS


  • Strict press - 3,3,3,3


  • 12 min AMRAP

    • 250m row

    • 40 squats

    • 20 strict press (75/55)