Workout of the Day

You Can't Buy That


It’s a well-known but rarely-honored fact that you can’t buy your results.

You can take up investing or start your own business with $10 million dollars in your pocket and lose it all rather quickly if you don’t know how markets work, or don’t understand basic business best practices.

You can have all the same equipment, supplements, and programs as a record-setting weightlifter and still never amount to more than a casual lifter.

You can buy a lot of things, but results is not one of them.

There will be people who started with more and people who started with less who get to the same place. What we call “it” is irrelevant. The X-factor will always be something you can’t buy, and that’s a remarkable thing. What’s your X-factor, and how can you continue to foster and grow it?

- PS


  • “Luce”

  • For time, wearing a 20/14lb weight vest:

    • 1k run

    • 10 ring muscle-ups

    • 100 squats