Workout of the Day

You Can Stop At Any Time


Have you ever considered endurance as a form of decision-making? The physical elements of endurance -- if we are talking about running a marathon, for example -- are certainly real and relevant. But just as remarkable is the fact that you can stop at any time.

Apply this to running a race: you can, at any point during a road race, decide that you’re over the whole thing, walk off the course and call yourself an Uber back to your hotel room.

Or apply it to a day of training: it’s hot, you’re tired, and you’re supposed to do six more sprint repeats; but you don’t have to. You can call it a day, no questions asked.

Or zoom out a bit and apply it to training in general: you don’t enjoy it when the alarm clock goes off early, beckoning you to get out of bed and get dressed to head to the gym before you start your work day. Simple solution: you have the choice to stop the discomfort, turn off the alarm, and sleep in.

Sometimes it’s valuable to step back and recognize that you have the choice to stop at any time. You are in the driver’s seat.

But every time you decide not to stop is another stride in your endurance training. Every aid station you pass by as you continue running, every additional sprint repeat you choose to lean into, every uncomfortable early morning you embrace -- each of these is a choice, and these choices are what makes up the highly transferable skill of endurance. Running or cycling is an endurance drill -- the real stretches of endurance go far beyond exercise and sports.

- PS


  • Hang power clean - 5x3


  • 4 rounds

  • AMRAP 3

    • 5 hang power cleans (135/95)

    • 10 push-ups

  • Rest 1 min