Workout of the Day

You Are What You Do


There's a blog post that I keep open in one of my (many) circulating tabs on my web browser, and it's been there for a solid 6+ months at this point. It's not that I haven't gotten around to reading it. In fact, I've read through the post quite a few times at this point. I keep it open because it acts as a simple, straightforward reminder for me when I start losing focus, feeling directionless, or just need a little kick in the pants. At any given point, I can skim through the post and find a little something that gives me just the shift in perspective that I need.

One of those little gems that's been resonating lately is that "you're not what you say you are, you're what you do." All too often, we get caught up in the planning stages of life and aspirations and forget about the follow-through. It's like claiming to be a golfer, buying all the expensive clubs and funky attire, becoming a member of a golf club, watching videos and reading books about how to golf, and then never actually swinging a club. At best, that makes you a "golf-adjacent enthusiast." If we're honest with ourselves, though, we do this often. We start on a path and then stop before we've even had a chance to get anywhere. Career, fitness, hobbies, personal change, etc. We set ourselves up to make a big change, tell everyone about how great it'll be, and then just let it fade away and gather dust. There are plenty of reasons this likely happens, but the point is this: if you're not doing, you're not going anywhere. Change requires action. Planning can be done from a distance: it's risk-free, comfortable, and ego-protecting. Execution always involves risk, always brings you outside of your comfort zone, always puts the ego on the line. Planning is important, but execution is essential. If you want something, find a way and do it.

- Preston Sprimont

10/18/16 WOD

  • Power clean + push press +push jerk - 6x1

  • 3 rounds for time:

    • 6 unbroken pull-ups

    • 9 unbroken thrusters (115/80)

    • 12 unbroken push-ups