Workout of the Day

Yelling at the Sun for Shining


When I drive up to the gym in the early morning, before the sun is out, it sometimes feels silly putting the sun shade up in the window when I park. It’s dark outside and the sun isn’t yet peeking up over the horizon. But eight hours later, in the afternoon heat, I’m thankful to have a car that’s 20 degrees cooler inside. And on days when I forget, I can’t get mad and yell at the sun for not reminding that morning, or for shining so bright that afternoon -- I know how the sun works. The ball’s in my court.

Of course, a day is a fairly easy block of time to predict. Make that time period 5 years, or 50, and there’s a bit more uncertainty. But there are some things we all know to be true, and it’s still your responsibility to put up your metaphorical sun shade, whatever that may be.

So when you wake up at 30 or 40 or 50 years old, out of shape, overweight, and generally dissatisfied, it’s not all that different than walking outside into the afternoon heat to find your car without a sun shade, heated up like an oven. You can be pissed, sure, but you have no business yelling at the sun for doing what it does every summer day. You know the rules, you just chose to ignore them.

You’ve got at least another 30, 40, maybe 60 years ahead of you, and that means you have plenty of choices to make now that will affect your outcomes later. The sun will shine bright and it will get hot. The ball’s in your court!

- PS


  • Keg clean and press - 5rm


  • For time:

    • 15 burpees

    • 5 keg C&P (AHAP)

    • 10 burpees

    • 5 keg C&P

    • 5 burpees

    • 5 keg C&P