Workout of the Day



As I faced my daily task of practicing the art of written communication, I was struck with the troubling reality that I didn’t have anything worthwhile to share. So instead of pecking at keys in a completely random sequence, I choose one of my advanced distractionary techniques and avoided the commitment completely. As the day passed I became more and more anxious at the prospect of not fulfilling my commitment to write. Let me remind you that this is a commitment I made to myself. This responsibility represents such incredible potential for me just in the daily practice of writing. Yet here I was finding ways to avoid the very thing that I was seeking.

Although I know it is not uncommon, it still struck me as strange that I would continue to be so resistant to just getting started. In adopting writing as a daily practice I agreed to create work for myself. This practice challenges me each and every day, it is not a comfortable effort. We each have our own commitments that we struggle to embrace, simply because the challenge makes us uncomfortable. Moving forward required me to align my effort with my goal. To be clear I just needed to start writing...the simple act of creating one word at a time and putting them together in a sequence.

Not unlike our physical practice of training, growth and improvement come from the action we take, not from the action we avoid taking. Want to lift the big, big, weights? Run real fast? Live life being physically and mentally capable? Have all the success? Then you best choose to get to work.

See you out there. #developyourself







04152020 - REST DAY

  • Introducing Ashtanga with May

  • Accumulate 11 min in a deep squat

  • Complete the following movements for 2min(r/l)

    • Bilateral shoulder flexion (:05 contract/ :10 relax)

    • Tricep/Lat stretch 2min (:05 contract/ :10 relax)

    • Shoulder rotator smash

    • Overhead mobilization