Workout of the Day

With Cheap Wine, No One Wins


If you were shopping for wine to serve at a dinner party, would you make your wine-buying decision based entirely on price, and serve the cheapest alcoholic-grape-byproduct you could find to your guests? Of course not! You would buy based on whether a white or a red, or a dry or a sweet wine, would pair better with the meal you were serving; you would opt to provide something with enough quality to make for an enjoyable sipping experience for you and your guests; and you would choose a wine that represents some value in the experience of a shared meal with friends or family. We don’t need to go over the top here, but no one wins when you furnish your dinner party with bargain-bin wine.

Unfortunately, going straight to the lowest bidder is exactly how most people make decisions around their health and fitness. I’ll be the first to admit that I probably couldn’t blind-taste the difference between a $200 bottle of wine and a $40 bottle of wine, but it doesn’t take a refined palate to pick out the quality differences between mass-produced box wine and something grown, picked, and crafted with care. It’s even easier, I would argue, to discern the difference between the apathetic commercial gym model and the results- and experience-focused model of a coach-led, community-focused strength and conditioning gym. The problem is, people haven’t “tasted” what this different model has to offer, and so all they see is price.

The paradigm in the fitness industry has begun to shift, but only inches at a time. It’s high time to set our collective sights on value, and spread the word on what the fitness industry as a whole could be. And the best news -- you can help. Do you know someone who’s stuck in the dark world of commercial fitness and unaware of what else is out there? Do them, us, and the industry as a whole a favor, and share with them what they’re missing out on!

P.S. You have a perfect chance to share with a friend next Saturday, September 6th at 9:00am for our FREE Community Workout. See you and a friend there!

- PS


  • AMRAP 12

    • 200m run

    • 8 DB clusters (50/35)


  • For quality:

    • 100 DB bent over row (AHAP)