Workout of the Day

Will One Salad Make You Healthy?


It likely does not come as a surprise to you that a single workout or a single salad will do little to affect your overall health and fitness. Even five workouts and five salads will be a drop in the bucket. This is all to say, you need to be consistent if you would like results.

If we flip the concept on its head, though, we find ourselves a paradox. While one salad won’t make you any healthier, perhaps a thousand salads will, and a thousand salads is made up of a thousand “one salads.” Before you assume this is just a meaningless game of wordplay, understand this: to be an effective decision-maker, you need to look at both the big picture and the small pictures simultaneously. Every decision matters, not so much because that individual thing (a salad, a workout, a cupcake) will have a large net effect, but because it is a piece of a whole, and your individual decisions will define the overall trend. And, more than just a numbers game (i.e., maintaining a good cupcake:salad ratio), this is a game of practice. The decisions you make most often will be the decisions you make with the greatest ease. Decide to opt for the cupcake over the salad, and you’ve become a better cupcake-decision-maker. Decide on the salad, and you’ve become a better salad-decision-maker.

There’s nothing wrong with eating a cupcake or missing a workout, and there’s no major life change that’ll take place from one salad or one day of training. But every decision ought to be made with the nuanced understanding of the importance of every decision.

- PS


  • Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes:

    • 100’ hand-over-hand rope sled pull (AHAP)


  • 2 rounds:

  • AMRAP 4

    • 4 keg C&P (AHAP)

    • 8 burpees

  • Rest 2 mins