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Why Weightlifting?


One of the foundational components of our GPP (General Physical Preparedness) program at No Boundaries is weightlifting. Weightlifting (one word, not two) refers to a specific sport, including two competition lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk. Of course our scope extends far beyond just two lifts, but these stand as a litmus test for our fitness both as it relates to skill development and to the physical attributes required to move heavy objects. Strength, speed, power, accuracy, coordination, flexibility, balance, and agility are all trained and tested extensively in this discipline; some slight changes in application (i.e. do more reps, add fatigue), and we have access to training and testing of stamina and endurance, too. In short, weightlifting offers a deep well of skill development and fitness.

On top of this, weightlifting is both exciting and challenging. The simplicity of the task (get this barbell from the ground to overhead in either one movement -- the snatch -- or with two combined movements -- the clean & jerk) is coupled with the complexity and high demands of the movement. This makes for a discipline with as many layers as you can imagine. Competitors will spend lifetimes mastering their movement, but this does not bar beginners from having easy access to the benefits of weightlifting from day one.

The value of weightlifting -- the sport and the discipline -- is why we created the Weightlifting 101 Specialty Course. It is our 8-week deep dive into better understanding and practicing this piece of the puzzle. Students of the specialty course can expect to come away a better mover, a stronger athlete, and better performer in both weightlifting and CrossFit, and with a better understanding of the snatch and clean & jerk and their movement as a whole.

Sign-ups are going on now, and spaces are limited. Contact your coach now to see if there are spots left, or to put your name on the waitlist.

Happy (weight)lifting.

- PS


  • Clean & jerk - 1rm


  • “Grace”

  • For time

    • 30 clean & jerks (135/95)