Workout of the Day

Why Be Worse?


While hanging around and chatting after a class the other day, I was asked by one of our members why I work out. I appreciated this question on a few levels. First, I am usually the one asking this question to a new member, not the other way around. The fact that, unprompted, she had this question running through her head made me proud to be a part of a family that is composed of and attracts such a rare breed of people. Second, the question really got me thinking. I have plenty of answers to the question teed up and ready to go, and it’s certainly a question that I entertain frequently, but I realized as I rambled through my stream-of-conscious response that it really all comes back to one thing: why be worse if I can be better?

My journey with all of this fitness stuff started as a personal endeavor. I wasn’t satisfied with who I was physically, and I decided I had better find a way to change that. I didn't really know how I would accomplish this, and to be honest, I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted or what results I could realistically expect. I started out looking for a way to get the simple things: better physique, better health, more confidence; but it didn't take long for fitness to become something more. Yes, better looks and health were positive outcomes, but it ultimately came back to putting my condition in my own hands. Too often we unconsciously submit to being some thing or another. We frame our lives as something pre-set, out of our influence. Picking up a barbell and seeing that I could change myself, that I could become rather than just be, showed me that this way of thinking is a lie.

I honestly believe that, to some degree, everyone in this community has tapped into this way of thinking. The very fact that you're reading this, that you are a member of a performance-oriented community, that you decided to be an active participant in shaping yourself, puts you on the next level. You may have additional motives: fat loss, longevity, sports performance, energy, whatever. But the fact that you are doing something about it means you've tapped into something bigger. Everyone wants to be beautiful and healthy and happy and live forever, and yet look at the condition of the average American. You're here, in this community, because you want something more, and whether in the back of your mind or at the forefront of your perspective, you know that you’re the one in charge.

Welcome to the family. Let's get better, because why the hell would we want anything less?

- Preston Sprimont


  • Back squat - 3x5

  • For quality:

    • 20 (10/side) TGUs (AHAP)

    • 50 (25/side) KB windmills