Workout of the Day



I cannot recall feeling anything other than dread and uncertainty any time I’ve been asked the proverbial “where do you see yourself in five/ten/twenty years?” question. For one, I’ve never been the type that’s had my whole career planned out since the age of 10, and so this question shines a bright light on the uncomfortable dark spot of my own uncertainty. Second, whatever I said, I knew I’d probably be way off the mark, so what was the point?

It should be no surprise that a growth-minded approach to this question frames it in a much more productive light than my past discomfort-driven avoidance and dread.

Rather than trying to imagine what city you’ll be living in, or what your house will look like, or whether you’ll be married, or how many kids you’ll have, or what your job will be, or what hobbies you’ll have, consider the question this way: what behaviors do you hope to see in yourself in ten years?

You can plan for your exact career/city/family/home, and perhaps you’ll even hit your mark and check off that big box. But there’s a good chance that ten years in your future, for better or worse, will not look like you imagine today. Rather than miring yourself in the outward-facing details of your ten year plan, what if you committed yourself to a ten year behavior plan?

That’s what’s in your control, after all.

- PS


Workout of the Day

  • EMOM 15

  1. 30s neutral deadbug hold

  2. 30s contralateral deadbug hold (R)

  3. 30s contralateral deadbug hold (L)

  • In 4 minutes…

    • Accumulate as much time as possible in an L-sit

  • Rest 2 minutes

  • In 4 minutes…

    • Accumulate as much time as possible in a reverse plank

  • AMRAP 18

    • Walking lunges