Workout of the Day

When To Run The Other Way


Imagine taking your first class at a gym and being directed, with no additional instruction, drilling, or cueing, to do 5 sets of 3 snatches. I hope we’re all at the point where we would recognize the problem with this. If it’s your first, or even your fifth or tenth day training at this gym, there’s a good chance you’re not proficient in or comfortable with the snatch.

The good news is, most gyms are well aware of this and put at least some time into coaching complex movements like the snatch. The bad news is that this standard is not held true with all movements.

Case in point: more often than not “go run _______ meters” is about the extent of coaching involved in running. Sure, I can take anyone off the street and tell them to run, and they will understand what I mean in the most basic sense. Alternate legs, move faster than a walk, involve your arms, etc. But if there is any concern for efficiency, safety, and performance (and there should be), the strength and conditioning world as a whole is failing miserably when it comes to running.

Running is a skill, just like deadlifting, rowing, and performing a handstand are skills. And while running gets a paltry share of coaching attention in most gyms, it is arguably more complex than many of the movements that get the majority of the coaching time.

Here’s your takeaway. First, don’t skip running days. If you’ve convinced yourself that it’s not worth your time because you could run on your own, you’re missing the point. Running is a skill, and as such, we commit some training days to focusing exclusively on the skill of running. Second, remember that skill development is your path to better performance. Just like improving your skill in the snatch will yield a heavier weight lifted, better hip power, better coordination, etc., skill development in running is your ticket to increased performance, function, and injury prevention, too. Finally, if you find yourself training in a place where the only running coaching you ever receive is “go run,” consider running the other way.

- PS


  • In 8 mins, establish max unbroken double-unders


  • AMRAP 12

    • 40 double-unders

    • 40 Russian twist (45/25lbs)

    • 40 step-ups (24”/20”)