Workout of the Day

When It's Good To Be Wrong


Unless you are to assume that you are one hundred percent right and perfect in all of your ideas and practices (you are not), you have a significant need for disconfirming information if you ever aim to make yourself better.

Rather than moving through life seeking affirmation (a sentiment born out of an insecurity that you might be wrong), recognize that you will, without any doubt, be wrong. And so instead of gently tiptoeing around, being careful not to accidentally bump into some way in which you may be wrong (or fiercely defending your ego when you do hear that you’re wrong), move forward boldly with the courage to seek out the ways in which you are wrong, and to find ways to fix that.

This is the only way to grow and evolve. Take solace in the fact that your potential self will always be greater than your current self, and derive courage from the fact that this is an essential component of the human condition. The best you can do is to lean into it.

- PS


  • Sumo deadlift - 5rm


  • For time:

    • 30 box jumps (24”/20”)

    • 30 sumo deadlift (225/155)

    • 30 wallballs (20/14)

    • 300m run