Workout of the Day

When It Gets Personal


Did you know that, in addition to group GPP classes and specialty courses in disciplines such as Strongman and Weightlifting, the instructors at No Boundaries offer personal training? It might seem, at first, strange to include personal training in our repertoire given that our group classes are founded on the principle of scaling all workouts to the individual’s skill level, and our specialty courses give current students and guest students an opportunity to dive deep on a specific discipline. Isn’t that what personal training does anyways? Wouldn’t personal training just take away from regularly offered courses?

Well, no.

Personal training is an integral part of what we do because it addresses the fact that sometimes, individual needs, goals, or circumstances require specific training outside of the scope of our main program. This can mean addressing individual movement limitations, specific goals (performance-related or otherwise), or even just a one-off skill session to go deeper on a particular skill than we are able to in the context of a regular class. To borrow a term from education, our regular classes are founded on differentiation, but personal training allows us to create a tailor-made learning environment for one student from the ground up. In addition, it allows you, the student, to work with coaches in their specialties -- everything from gymnastics to weightlifting to sports-specific conditioning.

So, stuck on a particular movement or skill? Looking to gear up for a specific event or competition, or make strides towards a personal goal? Want to sharpen up on a discipline? Maybe you’re looking for a one-off skill session, maybe it’s remote programming, maybe it’s a whole tailor-made program. Come see us at the gym, or drop us a line at to get connected with a coach!

- PS


  • Max height box jump


  • “Annie”

  • For time, 50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

    • Double-unders

    • Sit-ups