Workout of the Day

What's with the horse?


Really, what's with the horse?

Hang on and I'll get to it in a minute.

If you haven't been in lately you'll notice we've moved a few things around and made the space more user friendly. We'll be adding a few more things before the end of the year to make the place even better for you.

Not only do we help with your fitness goals but we also provide some excellent "in gym" nutrition and diet options. Step into the Olde Pro Shoppe to pick up your supplements, some training equipment or a sweatshirt to keep you warm during these "cooler" days in SoCal.

Back to the horse...more importantly the guy leading the horse.

That's a picture of Jay Shipman of J&J Grassfed Beef, our monthly grassfed beef CSA. Once in a while you'll even catch him making the monthly deliveries to gyms and neighborhoods throughout SoCal. Jay is a swell guy and I've been getting beef direct from his ranch for years now.

Whether you are a member or not you can place your order and pick it up at the gym each month. He always has some great monthly specials and you can always find someone to split the 50lbs bulk ground beef box with you. Just like our partners at Power Supply that offer you a great prepared Paleo meal, come on down get your workout and pick up your order. Check out J&J's monthly specials below.

J&J Grassfed Beef

Prime Rib & Tenderloin Roasts Now Available.

November Specials on roasts, cuts & bulk boxes.

10% off your pack!
(see below for details)

Orders Close Wednesday the 11th @ 11pm. For all locations.

Click Here to Place Your Order.

Not a Member? Click Here to Join!

Holiday Roasts!

Prime Rib $18.00 per lb
Dry aged and hand cut in 3 sizes. Order today! (sizes are approximate)
2lb- 1 Bone
3.5+ 2 to 3 Bone
5.5+ 3 to 4 Bone
7.5+ 4+ Bone

$25.00 per lb
Dry aged and hand cut we are offering both whole and 1/2 sizes this year!
1/2- 2.00+ lbs
Whole- 4.00+ lbs

November Specials!

This month we are continuing our roasts and inside cooking specials with 3 great deals!

Get 10% Off Your Pack! When you order a Prime Rib or Tenderlion Roast!

Cross Rib Roast-20% Off
App. 2.25 to 2.5 lbs

Stir Fry/ Fajita Strips 20% Off
App. 1 lb packs
Pre cut 2 in strips.

Bulk Boxes-Save Big Buy a Box! up to 27% Off.
Ground Beef (1lb packs) $6.74 Lb. App. 48 lbs box
Chuck Roast (2.25 lb roasts) $8.99 Lb. App. 50+ lbs box
Short Ribs (2 to 2.5 lb packs) $7.99 Lb. App 50 lb box
Sir Loin Tip Steaks (.5 to 1 lb packs) $12.50 per lb. App 35 lb box
Marrow Bones (1.5 to 2. lb packs) $6.00 Lb. App 40 lb box
Knuckle Bones (4 to 5lb packs)$3.00 Lb. App. 50 lb box

-Eat well and thrive

Today's Program


5 X 1

3 Rounds
10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
15 Deadlifts (185/125)
*Immediately after the third Round take off for 1mile Run


5 X 1
*Work to a heavy single

3 Rounds
15 Box Jump Overs (30/24)
15 Deadlifts (225/155)
*Immediately after the third round run 1 mile