Workout of the Day

What's More Important: Diet Or Exercise?


Which do you suppose is more important: your diet or your exercise?

If you guessed “it depends,” you’re catching on to how this all works.

This question deserves more questions than it does answers.

Which one is more important for what metric?

Your bodyweight? Your body composition? (there is a difference)

For your performance? For your functionality? For your longevity?

How about for your wellness? For your happiness?

What stage are you in currently? What is your current level of fitness?

Asking whether diet or exercise is more important is a bit like asking whether the wheels or the engine are more important in a car. I don’t think I need to explain why that question veers quickly into the realm of the ridiculous.

The fact of the matter is that you need both.

Can you lose body weight by eating less food, but not exercising? Sure. Is changing your relation to gravity really what you’re after, though?

Can you get stronger and faster by exercising regularly, but eating like garbage? Sure. But are you really interested in tossing all of your efforts away by not giving your system the fuel it deserves to get a far greater outcome?

Better questions get better answers. Instead of looking for ways to get away with half the work and cheat the game, understand that a holistic approach yields a holistic result, and then look for how you can best apply your efforts in that context.

- PS


  • Sumo deadlift - 5x5


  • 3 rounds for time:

    • 1000m row

    • 1 min rest