Workout of the Day

What Will You Take With You?


The annual 6-week lifestyle challenge, the Whole Life Challenge, has come to a close. Participants have walked away with both tangible and intangible results alike, and I can count this as one of the most impressive efforts that I have witnessed in the Whole Life Challenge. Among other things, some individuals lost over 20lbs, gained muscle, learned new recipes, enjoyed new foods, and explored new lifestyle habits. While we could certainly throw in the towel and wholeheartedly call this a victory, the work isn’t over. The 6-week challenge represents a short, high-intensity effort, much like a high-intensity conditioning workout; but the real meat and potatoes, if you will, is in what happens after.

What will you take away from the 6-weeks? The easy (and all-too-common) course is to gradually return back to the path of least resistance, and within a few months be close to where you started. The challenge I pose to you is to take something with you. It can be a lifestyle habit as simple as 10 quiet minutes to yourself every morning. It can be a dietary change, new mobility habits, or better sleep or hydration. The mission is to make change, and then to make it stick. Your challenge is to integrate something from this experience and make it a part of who you are. That is the truest Whole Life Challenge.

- PS


  • 10min EMOM

    • Min 1: 10 bent over barbell row (AHAP)

    • Min 2: 10 hollow rocks


  • In 12 mins:

    • 10 DUs

    • 10 walking lunges

    • 10 KB suitcase deadlift (AHAP)

    • 20 DUs

    • 20 walking lunges

    • 20 KB suitcase deadlift

    • 30 DUs

    • 30 walking lunges

    • 30 KB suitcase deadlift

    • etc...