Workout of the Day

What Is Community


If you were to take a survey of every CrossFit gym in the world right now, 99% of them, when asked what they value and what makes them stand apart, would give mention to the idea of community. It’s obviously important, but I think many “communities” fall short in defining and setting a standard on what community really is and why it matters.

A community must be more than a group of people all doing the same thing at the same time in the same place — that happens daily at the DMV, and I don’t think anyone is shouting from the rooftops about how the DMV brings us into community with each other. We could cite ideas like shared values, group effort, emotional support, personal connections, and shared challenges, and these would all be right. But I think what sets a special community apart is the inclusion of accountability — to each other, to the community as a whole, and held for each other. What sets apart an extraordinary community from simply a good community is not that we bake meals for each other when going through hard times, or that we all show up to face a challenging day of training together and cheer each other on — those are all great things — but it is holding your community, both individual members and as a whole, all to the same high standard. It is expecting the same high standard of effort and commitment from your peers, and knowing that they will expect it from you. It is building an environment in which feedback is welcomed, digested, and learned from, and development of yourself and your peers is prioritized.

I believe that in an excellent community, you not only support a community member facing a challenge; you also hold them to facing and persisting with that challenge.

How can you contribute to the excellence of your community?

- PS


  • 12 min EMOM

    • Min 1: Max unbroken strict pull-ups

    • Min 2: Max unbroken strict push-ups

    • Min 3: Rest


  • 4 rounds

  • In 90s:

    • 200m sprint

    • Max burpees

  • Rest 90s