Workout of the Day

What If You Can't Do The Workout?


Last Wednesday, the day’s training called for, among other things, rope climbs, a rather demanding movement that requires both considerable skill and strength. By the end of the day, I was incredibly proud to see that roughly half of the students who attended class on that day did so knowing that they had never done a rope climb before. This isn’t a story of how everyone miraculously got their first rope climb on this day (though, side note: a handful did get their first half or full rope climbs on this day), but rather a shining example of what it means to show up and engage in the process. It’s not about showing up to do what you already know you can do. Anyone can do that. Rather, the expectation is that you show up specifically for that thing you know you can’t do, and engage in the process that will eventually get you there.

Every day of training is scalable and adaptable to your unique capacities. There is no one-size-fits-all, and there is no shame in being unable to do one thing or another. The workout is a standard, and as coaches, we tailor and hem this standard to fit you individually, to give you the intended stimulus that will advance your fitness.

Make no mistake, I am excited to watch students get their first rope climb or their hundredth rope climb, but I’m equally as excited to see students dare greatly to show up and try that thing they cannot (yet) do.

- PS


  • Dumbbell bench press - 8,8,8


  • 2 rounds for time:

    • 30 box jumps (24”/20”)

    • 30 alt. single-arm DB squat clean (50/35)

    • 30 alt. single-arm DB snatch (50/35)