Workout of the Day

What happens now?


As you all know, Tuesday evening CrossFit No Boundaries took the difficult but responsible action to temporarily close our San Juan Capistrano location and our corporate fitness program. While this does present obvious challenges, we are as committed as ever and are eager to use this as an opportunity to continue to push the boundaries of performance in new ways. Yesterday, Preston and I charted a course that we believe picks up exactly where we left off. Here are the details of how we will move forward for the time being.

Programming - We are still in pursuit of General Physical Preparedness. That means we will follow the same guidelines and principles we have always followed. Through intelligent variance, deliberate progression, and appropriate overload we will all walk away with more capability. That increased capacity will always be earned in the areas of endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. You’ll see a new workout online seven days a week.
Coaching - We won’t be meeting in person for the time being and that gives us the opportunity to be more available to you during the week, providing more accountability, direction, and modification to you individually. That includes but is not limited to all regular means of electronic communication.
Community - While we are under the directive to practice social distancing, we still need each other, possibly now more than ever. Incredibly, we live at a time when we can still do that through technology. Imagine the isolation we would be feeling if this was 2000, or even worse, pre-1990. Please continue to interact with us through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and most importantly the website. Share this with your own community, post and comment daily. Digital whiteboard style, we encourage each student to share their results from the daily training in the comments section of the website.
Lifestyle - These times present obvious challenges to our “normal” life. We are even more dedicated to providing you with the resources to keep you moving forward. That includes things like breathwork, mobility, hydration, and nutrition, to name a few. Be on the lookout for videos and posts on the website and social media platforms. Also, our dear partners over at the Whole Life Challenge have just opened up the WLC platform for free during this disruption. This is a great time to experience all the great tools and benefits they provide us every January. You can join our team here.

Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate a very challenging decision, at a difficult time for all, so that we can continue our work to serve our CrossFit No Boundaries commitment. At a time where mental resolve and physical fitness are as important as ever, we are even more dedicated to helping individuals in the pursuit of personal growth and development through the outlet of fitness.




03/19/2020 WOD

    • AMRAP 1

      • Push up Test

    • 3 rounds for quality contralateral planks :15 on :45 off (each)

      • Right arm raise

      • Left arm raise

      • Right leg raise

      • Left leg raise

      • Right arm left leg raise

      • Left arm right leg raise

    • 5 rounds of progressive running internals(out and back)

      • :90 medium effort interval out

      • high effort interval back(keep it negative)

      • 2min recovery

    • 3x20 toe raises