Workout of the Day

What a Gnat Taught Me About Training


Throughout the stay at home order, I, like many others in our community, have been following along at home with the No Boundaries can-be-done-anywhere GPP programming as well as our real at-home strength program: Homegrown. This training has brought with it expected challenges: where to train, when to train, finding the accountability to train, etc., and some unexpected challenges as well, such as how to continue to train when there’s a live gnat buzzing around your sinuses.

Living on the second floor of my complex, I’ve found myself completing most of my training in the parking lot so as not to make mortal enemies with my downstairs neighbor. In addition to the occasional strange look and lots of asphalt-stained hands, I managed the other day, mid sandbag carry, to inhale a live gnat deep enough into my sinuses that it was quickly clear that it wasn’t coming out. After some ugly coughs, snorts, and hacks, I resigned myself to the fact that the gnat, still alive and buzzing about somewhere between the back of my throat and my cheek bones, was a part of me now, and decided I might as well try to finish the workout. It turns out, heavy sandbags, high volume training, and a hot beating sun are small potatoes when compared to the challenge of a gnat knocking about in your sinuses. I survived (the gnat did not), and eventually completed the day’s training, but not without being reminded of an old, anonymous proverb: “It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it is the grain of sand in your shoe.”

Training is challenging. Training with a gnat in your sinuses is that much more challenging. Of course, I had little control over whether or not I ended up sniffing up a gnat that day, but we all have countless little gnats in our sinuses or grains of sand in our shoes that wear us out before we even get close to the summit of the mountain. What are the little things within your control that are holding you back?

- PS


Workout of the Day

  • Front squat - 3x5


  • AMRAP 6

    • 20 DB power cleans (25/15)

    • 20 DB thrusters (25/15)