Workout of the Day

Welcome to 2016


Happy New Year!!!

I hope you enjoyed our video tutorials this week. To complete our Year End Throwdown we have one last workout for you. Knowing that the last workout would fall on the first of the year, we kept it very simple. No video today so make sure to read on.

Today’s Program

Your warm up is to perform any combination of the movements we prescribed earlier this week for 5-10mins.

The workout is a 7min Burpee AMRAP.

The post workout mobility today is any combination of the movements we posted earlier this week. Just like the warm-up work for about 5-10mins.

As an alternative to doing the WOD, you may also post a video of you doing your favorite New Year’s Day activity…

You still need the link? CLICK HERE.

For some it might be a day of “AMNAPPING”, a little couch therapy if you catch my drift.

Others might be immersed in a day full of Bowl Games and nachos.

Perhaps a little time on the water, at the beach or in the mountains is where you’d like to be.

Whatever the case, record some of the action and post a creative video and we’ll make sure to include it in the contest.


Enjoy the first day of the year, it always goes so fast. Relish in all of your accomplishments and challenges of 2015. This is a time to adjust your compass a few degrees in the direction of your goals. We're not looking for a full 180 here, just an adjustment. Change needs to be sustainable, so make adjustments that steer you in the right direction...don't aim for the finish line right away.

Here’s to the all the growth, accomplishment and challenge we can look forward to in 2016.

-Lift Strong and Prosper