Workout of the Day

We Have No Interest In Being The Statistic


It’s a common story that a motivated individual attends a conference, seminar, summit, or other meeting of the minds, has a “mountaintop experience” of incredible insight and inspiration, and returns to their regularly scheduled life only to have their fire fizzle out in a matter of a week as they return to old habits and practices. This story of mountaintop experience followed by zero change is “the statistic,” as it were -- the common outcome.

As you likely heard, the staff of CrossFit No Boundaries spent the weekend in Venice participating in the Hold the Standard Summit. The experience was, as expected, tremendous, and the expectations set for performance and takeaway were even greater. Our intention coming away from this experience is to not be the statistic. We are fired up, and while we recognize that this enthusiasm won’t last forever, we don’t intend to back off the pressure to apply and adapt.

Change is scary, uncertain, and undeniably hard. That’s how humans generally work -- we seek homeostasis and fear change. But in attending this summit and committing ourselves to the process, we signed up for the scary, uncertain, and undeniably hard thing. We will change and continue to change, not because what we have done is wrong or because we uncovered some great secrets in our craft, but because the goal of our organization is to push development and growth, in ourselves, in the people we work with, and in the organization as a whole.

We’re grateful to the organizers, leaders, and participants at the Hold the Standard Summit for the chance to put ourselves in a high-pressure growth environment, and we’re excited to continue to move the needle.

- PS


  • Push jerk - 3rm


  • 4 rounds

    • 1 min max wallballs (20/14)

    • 1 min max push jerk (95/65)

    • 1 min rest