Workout of the Day

We Could Put the Health and Fitness Gimmick Industry Out of Business Tomorrow


It’s true. Collectively, we could handily squash the entire industry of health and fitness gimmicks -- everything from ridiculous panacea supplements to ineffective silver-bullet “As Seen on TV” exercise tools -- and we have all of the resources we need to do it.

The reason it hasn’t happened, though, is that it would take a collective mindset shift like we’ve probably never seen before. It would take everyone taking ownership over self rather than seeking stories about who or what else can be blamed. It would take a shift of focus away from what people feel they arbitrarily deserve and onto what they have earned. The shift in thoughts and behaviors would be drastic. People would recognize the promises of products for the lies that they are, and would turn to the fruits of their own efforts for results.

Now I don’t mean to sound dismal, but our outlook at the moment for this collective mindset shift is a bit grim.

Of course, just because something is hard or seemingly impossible doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. It starts with you. Seek radical accountability for your choices, and bring a friend along for the ride!

- PS


  • 12 min AMRAP

    • 3 rope climb ascents

    • 6 T2B

    • 9 DB squat cleans (40/25)

    • 12 cal row


  • For quality:

    • 100 single arm DB rows (AHAP)

  • *partition into as many sets as necessary; total of 50 reps/arm