Workout of the Day

Wait, Do You Seriously Believe That?


I firmly believe in the idea that most people are wiser and more perceptive than they behave. In truth, I think people allow themselves to buy into foolish (but convenient) ideas in the hopes that they will be true. And in a subconscious game of confirmation bias, people seek out endorsement of these ideas to build up the case and convince themselves against their better judgment. This is exactly how people end up buying into multi-million dollar schemes that sell protein powder as a solution to obesity, or gimmicky exercise tools or routines as a “secret” path to magazine-cover-worthy abs.

Sometimes all it takes to shake out of it is a verbal/mental slap in the face along the lines of: “wait, do you seriously believe that?”

Do you really think that some protein powder or other supplement is the path to health and wellness?

Do you really believe that so-and-so of Instagram celebrity has cracked the secret code to easy and fast fitness?

Do you honestly believe that success is made in an easy 6-week program?

It sounds silly when you have to explain it back to yourself, doesn’t it?

Learn to interrogate your own beliefs and thought patterns. You probably know better than you think, if you’d just stop buying your own convenient lies.

- PS


  • 5 minutes to establish max unbroken double-unders


  • 15min AMRAP

    • 30 cal row

    • 60 double-unders