Workout of the Day



I have moments of what I’ll choose to call “unfettered awareness” of the sheer abundance of the resources available to me. Inevitably, these moments are met with a pang of not-unreasonable guilt for how little I’ve taken advantage of the aforementioned resources. Perhaps the internet is to blame, or perhaps I just have a long way to go on my path of becoming the best me I can be.

But my experience (and my access to resources) is not unique. Let’s put it this way: you, dear reader, will likely never reach a point in your life where you are more limited by your resources than your output. We live in the information age, for goodness sake. Information, ideas, tools, etc. are more abundant than the air we breathe. Gone are the days when you can earnestly say, “I just don’t and can’t know how to do that.” The constant output of online content, unlimited connectivity to thought leaders, and an ever-growing volume of tried and true methods are all at your disposal.

The resource you need is right there. Use it.

See you out there. #developyourself



04112020 - REST DAY


  • 4 rounds (all nasal)

    • 5x (3-0-3-0) cadence breathing (add 1 second each round)

    • 20x superventilation (full inhale, partial exhale)

    • Exhale to residual capacity, then hold 30s

  • 6x (4-8-4-0) cadence breathing with loud ocean breath

  • 6x (4-6-6-0) cadence breathing with moderate ocean breath

  • 6x (4-4-8-0) cadence breathing with quiet ocean breath


  • World’s greatest stretch - 3 mins total, complete 1 full breath cycle in each position

  • Couch stretch - 2 mins/side (:05 contract + inhale and hold, :10 relax + exhale)

  • Quadricep soft tissue work - 3 mins/side (:05 contract + inhale and hold, :10 relax + exhale)