Workout of the Day

Use It


If you’ve ever questioned the value of your fitness (or even if you haven’t), might I suggest the incredibly revealing and satisfying practice of using your fitness outside of the gym?

Just as a student who stays within the comfortable walls of formalized education to avoid the unknown challenges of “the real world” misses the mark on the whole purpose of education, I would argue that you’re doing yourself a disservice if you never seek opportunities to use your fitness outside of the gym.

Before you let this suggestion turn into something it’s not, I am not suggesting you need to engage in competitive sports to make your fitness worthwhile or valuable. If professional sports are your jam, great. Otherwise, the sky is the limit on ways you can use your fitness outside of the gym. A few suggestions…

- play a game of pick-up basketball with friends

- learn to skateboard

- take singing lessons

- play a rousing game of ping-pong

- ride your bike to work

- take a weekend backpacking trip

The sky’s the limit.

What you’ll likely take away from the experience is twofold. First, you’ll likely notice considerable (and often surprising) skill transfer from the fitness you’ve developed in the gym to the task at hand (e.g., you’ll find your accuracy and coordination developed in the gym carries over to your ping-pong skills, or your ability to carry a heavy pack over a weekend-long hike far exceeds the norm). Second, you’ll probably notice some holes in your game (e.g., your singing will suffer from the same erratic breathing behaviors that affect your performance in the gym, or your avoidance of training balance and coordination will manifest in challenges in learning to skateboard), and will discover a newfound purpose in addressing your weaknesses.

The cherry on top is that you’ll be hard-pressed not to have fun exploring, using, and otherwise digging into your physical and mental capacities that you’ve developed in the gym.

This really is a win-win. Continue on your path to developing your fitness, and don’t forget to get out there and use it!

- PS


  • 4 rounds for total reps/cals:

    • 3 min max cal row

    • 2 min max double-unders

    • 1 min rest