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Upcoming: Weightlifting 101 Specialty Course


No Boundaries is excited to announce the upcoming second iteration of our Weightlifting 101 specialty course, starting next month. The first run of Weightlifting 101 last Fall was a resounding success, and this Spring it returns to the No Boundaries community even more refined. Of course we’re a little biased, but we’re pretty confident that you’re not going to want to miss this one. Look for details to be announced in the coming days.

Sign-ups start soon. Contact your coach if you’d like to get your name on the list!

- PS


  • Sandbag load - 1rm


  • 12 min EMOM

    • Min 1 - 5-10-15m shuttle sprint

    • Min 2 - 4 sandbag over shoulder (AHAP)

    • Min 3 - 30s max burpees