Workout of the Day

Upcoming: Virtual 5k for Batten Disease Research


Sometimes an opportunity presents itself to apply our fitness in a way that's beyond the normal scope. It could be helping someone push a broken down car, helping a friend move furniture, coming to the aid of someone in need, or, in this case, helping raise money to find a cure for Batten Disease.

On June 3rd at 9am, we will get together as a community to complete a "virtual 5k" to raise money for Batten Disease research. You are invited to join us to walk, run, skip, stroll, handstand walk, bear crawl, or otherwise ambulate yourself for 5 kilometers in the name of researching a cure for this devastating disease.

Our very own Mara Levy has spent considerable time working closely with a young boy battling the disease who recently passed away. This is an opportunity for us not only to lend support to this cause close to our community member's heart, but to bring us one step closer to a cure, and maybe even get some fitness along the way.

You can read Mara's story of the close bond she shared with Titus and his fight with Batten Disease HERE.

This is your chance to make a difference and lend support, and maybe get some fitness and have some fun along the way. You can register for the virtual 5k HERE. (Be sure to register under the team "Team 4 Titus and Ely")

June 3rd, 9am, be there!

(Can't make it on June 3rd? No worries! You can complete the virtual 5k wherever you are, or make a donation HERE.)

- PS


  • Tabata burpee box jump overs

  • 4 rounds for quality

    • 12 pistols (6/leg)

    • 10 strict T2B

    • 8 strict pull-ups

    • 6 strict HSPU