Workout of the Day

Upcoming Event: Book Club Gathering


This Sunday, October 21st from 4-7pm, the official unofficial CrossFit No Boundaries book club will meet to discuss our most recent reading: “Unplugged” by Brian Mackenzie, Andy Galpin, and Phil White.

Join us to talk about the role of technology in our lives as it relates to health and fitness, how we can use technology well, how we may use it poorly, and to toss around ideas about how we can develop a healthy and productive relationship with the tech around us. Agree with the thesis of the book? Great! Come discuss why. Disagree completely? Great! Dissenting ideas are the heart of good discussion. We want to hear it.

If you’ve read the book, or even if you haven’t finished reading the book, join us, and bring a friend and some snacks/drinks. No fitness required.

Meeting location and further details will be posted on Facebook.

See you there!

- PS


  • Work up to a heavy hang squat snatch single in 10 mins


  • 16 min AMRAP:

    • 1 hang squat snatch (135/95)

    • 25 DUs

    • 2 hang squat snatch

    • 25 DUs

    • 3 hang squat snatch

    • 25 DUs

    • etc.