Workout of the Day

Travelling The Space Between


There is a space between who you are now and who you want or intend to be. Plenty of things exist in this space between the current you and the desired you. But getting to the other side isn’t a matter of one big leap. It’s not a single brave jump from one crag to another, but rather a process, a series of smaller steps and leaps. And the thing is, you can’t actually know how far the distance is, or what exactly your travelling from here to there may entail. You may have rough ideas, but the details are obscured, and surprises are sure to come up along the way. The one thing you can know for sure, though, is that you have to move to get from here to there. You will not and cannot know what the best move is, and so biding your time until the “best move” presents itself is just delaying the inevitable. Now is the best time to start -- go!

- PS


  • For time:

    • 50 hang power cleans (115/80)

    • 50 pull-ups

    • 50 deadlifts (115/80)

    • 50 HSPU