Workout of the Day

Too Old To Lift Weights?


While the legend Roger Murtaugh may be justified in saying he’s “getting too old for this shit,” it turns out there’s no such thing as getting too old to lift weights. In fact, nearly the opposite is true: lifting weights as you age could be one of the most valuable choices for your function and longevity.

There’s volumes of research to throw around providing evidence of the value of resistance training as well as high intensity aerobic training for the elderly, but the crux of the argument is this: primary markers of aging and of declining health (muscle atrophy, decreased mitochondrial density, decreased insulin sensitivity, etc.) are all improved with strenuous physical training. One study examined changes in these three markers in both young and old participants, and found that just 12 weeks of combined resistance training increased insulin sensitivity, increased lean muscle mass, and improved mitochondrial capacity a whopping 69%! For reference, the same metric in the younger group improved by 49%.

(You can read more on the study HERE.)

The takeaway is clear. Maybe you get too old for cotton candy, all-nighters, or saying the word “rad” at some point, but you’re never too old for lifting weights.

- PS

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  • Push jerk - 3,2,2,1,1,1


  • For 8 minutes, for quality:

    • 10 DB Z press (AHAP)

    • 20 DB bent over row (AHAP)