Workout of the Day

Too Busy


It turns out, being busy may be the best (worst) excuse for why you haven’t/can’t/won’t make progress or do X,Y, or Z. Busy is easy -- easier now than ever before -- and is about as good as saying “not bored.” Busy often looks like filling your plate with little, unimportant things to avoid bigger, more important, but more challenging things.

Instead of hanging your hat on how busy you are, consider: What direction are you moving? Are you progressing? What are you becoming?

- PS


  • Axle bar push press - 3rm


  • 3 rounds for reps

    • 90s KB farmer’s carry (53/35 per hand)

    • 30s rest

    • 60s axle bar clean and press (130/90)

    • 60s rest

    • 30s burpees

    • 90s rest