Workout of the Day

Today, tomorrow...whatever


The decision above IS important and I believe it applies everywhere in life. What will it be, today or tomorrow?

Listen, the path I have chosen in life is a twisted goes back and forth, up and down and all around. There aren't a whole lot of directions for where I am going. The signs are never there when I need them. Often times I get lost or off track. There isn't a map for this stuff, because I wanted something to be different in my life(in all reality it wasn't just one thing). Choosing the road with no map is rough sometimes and there are plenty of days where it would be really easy to quit.

That idea has never set easy with me though. So each morning I wake up and start again, continuing on my path.

Surely, it would have been easier to never even start. However, I never do anything the easy way. So, one day I started down this path...a path that has left me forever changed.

The day I started was TODAY! It most certainly was not tomorrow. Trust me, I know all of the things on my "tomorrow" card. All the poignant moments in my life started on the same day. It wasn't a day of the week or a place holder on the calendar. It was simply TODAY. I made the conscious decision to get up and start something that day.


So why not just start, today can be that day. Someone out there is counting on you to get up and get movin' TODAY! They need you to do something big start a ruckus, make an impact. This is a path of empowerment, passion and desire. Surely it will be fraught with risk and uncertainty but is it really worth it to go all in on something that doesn't fulfill you at the close of the day?

I'm sure your asking yourself, "what about tomorrow?" Like Tait Fletcher says, "Tomorrow? tomorrow is when you can quit, but TODAY is when you begin!!!

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today’s Program


25 - 20 - 20 - 20



Odd Minutes - 12 Burpees
Even Minutes - 10 Hang Power Cleans (75/55)