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It's not on your side.

Remember, there are only a few days left to join our team for the Whole Life Challenge.


But before you click the link or skip past my words.

You have one shot at this life...just one. There isn't a reset button. So as you get up and about your day think about all the excuses you have to not do just one thing better than before. That is after all why you all go to the gym isn't it?

All the blood, sweat and tears had to be for something right?

Out of 168 precious hours during the week you've committed at least a few to your training. IF you train three days a week for an hour each day that gives you 165 hours to completely undue the hard work that you have put into building a better you. I can hear it now, "but I already eat well...I stretch...I get enough sleep..."

You know what the most common follow up to "I already eat well" is, "I'm not giving up my wine."

Lame, I know but that's what people tell me all the time. No one said you had to give it up...but if you are fighting that hard to hold onto it you had better be a wine maker. Just imagine what a small change would do to a one glass a night habit.

The same goes for all the daily habits in the Whole Life Challenge. Nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, lifestyle practices and reflection. They are opportunities to open your eyes, see things in a new light, discover a different way of doing, feeling and being.

Sure it cost money...but don't think I haven't noticed all the cash you've been willing to drop on Powerball. Sure it's 1.5 billion dollars, but you're odds are a whooping one in 292.2 million...might as well get to Vegas and shoot some craps instead.

Lastly, this is a game...a game you get to play with us. We have fun together when we do things as community. Potlucks, BBQ's, clinics, seminars, fitness...competition. There is already a little friendly competition starting amongst the group.

Guess what? There are cash and prizes at the finish.

Our Title Sponsor, Original Nutritionals, just dropped $200 bucks cash to our prize pool

Got an idea for an event? Awesome! Let me know and let's get it set up. Need a little extra accountability you can make our own team. My best years have come when I get friends outside the gym to join me. Let me tell you something, there is nothing better to keep me on track better than having an old teammate be a few steps ahead of me. Get out there and get someone else to join in the fun with you. We'll be here waiting for you.

Join us for some fun, friendly competition. REGISTER HERE!!!

"Time waits for no one" -Rolling Stones

Now let's get busy gang, prelims are Saturday at 8am!!!

-Lift Strong and Prosper

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Power Cleans

*@90% of your heaviest double