Workout of the Day

Tick Tock


I'm going to go ahead and make the suggestion that we all eliminate "I don't have enough time" and all derivative phrases from our collective vocabulary. You see, we all have the same number of hours in our day. You and me and Elon Musk and that pre-teen who spends his hours making troll comments on YouTube videos all have the same number of hours every day. And yet, we somehow fool ourselves into thinking that we haven't been given enough hours, that we're the unlucky ones who just have to wait our turn to get that elusive 25 hour day, and then we can finally get around to doing that important thing.

Well what if we completely got rid of the whole notion of "having" or "not having" enough time? What if, instead, we reframed the way we think and speak in a way that forces us to acknowledge that we make time for things. What if we said "I didn't make enough time for X" instead of subtly letting ourselves off the hook for our choices by talking about what we "have" or "don't have"? There's something very real about vocalizing the fact that your time is your choice.

Ultimately, the goal here isn't to make ourselves feel guilty or wrong, but to bring ourselves face to face with the reality of priorities... to start the hard internal conversation about what's really important and what needs to fall to the wayside. Because the fact of the matter is, 25 hours of stuff just won't fit into your 24 hour day.

P.S. It's worth noting that, of course, the nuance of this time thing is that we all have different obligations and life circumstances and, yes, some aspects of how we spend our time aren't 100% in our control. That's fine. But the simple truth still remains that you do control the rest of your time. Whatcha gon' do with it?

- Preston Sprimont

10/14/16 WOD

  • Spend 15 minutes working on front levers and front lever variations on rings

  • 4 rounds for time:

    • 10 reverse burpees

    • 10 hollow body side rolls (5 each side)

    • 10 burpees

    • 10 pistols (5 each side)