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This Week: Body Composition Testing at No Boundaries


We are strong believers in the idea that fitness and health should be measurable and repeatable. You don’t know that you’ve made change, after all, unless you can measure the change. With the Whole Life Challenge starting this week, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to give our community an opportunity to take stock of a measurement that steps outside of our performance metrics: body composition.

This Thursday, Jan. 18 from 4:00-7:00pm, our friends at BFIT SD Body Fat Immersion Testing will be onsite at CrossFit No Boundaries to offer fast and accurate body composition testing to anyone who wants to give themselves some measurables in their effort to improve their body composition. While you don’t have to be a participant in the Whole Life Challenge to get in on this opportunity, this is a perfect chance for those doing the Whole Life Challenge to put a number to their “before and after” efforts in improving how they look and feel (we will have testing again in 6 weeks to measure your “after” results).

Testing is easy, accurate, and only takes a handful of minutes. Your results will include lean body mass, body fat mass, resting metabolic rate, and more.

There are limited spots remaining, so sign-up now before space runs out! You may sign up online (HERE) or contact us directly to reserve a spot.

For more details, visit BFIT SD’s website (HERE).

- PS


  • 20 min AMRAP

    • 1 bar muscle-up

    • 10 cal row

    • 10 burpees

    • 2 bar muscle-ups

    • 10 cal row

    • 10 burpees

    • 3 bar muscle-ups

    • Etc.