Workout of the Day

This Week: Baseline Testing


Every student who joins our GPP program starts with a one-on-one session with a coach to talk about goals, challenges, personal history, and to go through a basic physical assessment. The key part of this assessment is our “Baseline” workout, a no-nonsense test of the basics of movement quality, aerobic capacity, stamina, and muscular endurance. This workout stands both as an initial assessment of an incoming-student’s capacities, as well as a benchmark for measuring progress. After all, if you can’t measure it, you don’t know if it’s improving our not.

A few times every year, we revisit this Baseline workout to “check in” on how we are progressing. As the student, this is your chance not only to try for a new PR time, but also to take a snapshot of where you are on this given day, and assess what has brought you to this place, both good and bad. Have you improved? Good. What stands out as the biggest contributor to this improvement? Or have you worsened? If so, was this an off day, or part of a general downward trend? What has changed? Have you leveled up to more difficult variations of a movement, or improved your overall movement quality? The list of questions goes on. In short, not only is this your chance to fill in another data point on your graph of progress, it’s also a chance to reflect and introspect to see if your process is where it needs to be.

This Thursday, May 10, we will be testing our performance on the Baseline in all GPP classes for the day. Be sure to schedule your week to allow yourself the chance to get to class on this day, ask yourself the right questions, and see how you have progressed. See you in class!

- PS


  • 400m time trial

  • Rest 5 minutes


  • For time:

    • 5x400m (must complete each 400m in under assigned time)

    • Rest as needed